Guive Olives

Quality, passion and tradition

We harvest, produce, gather and pack olives with the highest quality standards for export and also for distribution to different sales channels at national level.

24 years of experience

5 production headquarters

Cutting edge technology

We export and distribute nationally

We have shared our passion for olives since 1996

The effort of our team added to the modern facilities guarantee the best quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our headquarters are located in Tacna, south of Peru, where we prepare shipments to various markets around the world and now also to all of Peru. In addition, we have collection centres and processing plants in La Yarada, Valle de Tambo, Yauca and Bella Union.


100% peruvian Products
Of The Best Quality

Our Products

Top quality – Permanent stock – We meet the agreed commitments

We export under private label, in bulk and in packaging (glass jars, sachets and doypacks).

We distribute our brand, GUIVE, nationally to different channels such as retail, horeca – food service, wholesale distributors, among others.

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Learn about our production process

We harvest, gather, process, select, pack and ship our products to their final destination.

Harvest and gather

The harvest of green olives begins in March and the purple and black olives between May and August. The olives are obtained from our own fields and from the fields of qualified farmers with whom we maintain strategic alliances, providing technical and financial support, as well as consultancy throughout the harvest to guarantee that the obtained product arrives at our processing plants in optimal conditions. This stage is carried out manually and with special care so as not to damage the olives.

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The olives are transported to our processing plants where they enter into the different production lines.

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Selection and Calibration

Our highly experienced staff select the olives to remove those that are not in optimum condition. In case of green olives, as it is a resistant product, it enters to selection machines. On the other hand, black olives are selected manually, as it is a delicate product.
<br< After this the olives enter into the calibrating machine, where they are separated by size.

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We offer different types of packaging to meet the needs of our customers, these are: drums, buckets, flat bags, doy pack and glass jars.

We have 2 totally automated lines for the packaging of jars, flat bags and doy packs.

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In the case of export, our products leave from the port of Arica, Chile. This port, having fluid movement and being the closest to our facilities, allows us to have shipment availability every week.

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