About Us

24 years of experience

5 production headquarters

Cutting edge technology

We export and distribute nationally

We have shared our passion for olives since 1996

The effort of our team added to the modern facilities guarantee the best quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our headquarters are located in Tacna, south of Peru, where we prepare shipments to various markets around the world and now also to all of Peru. In addition, we have collection centres and processing plants in La Yarada, Valle de Tambo, Yauca and Bella Union.

100% peruvian products
of the best quality

Know us through time

We harvest, gather, process, select, pack and ship our products to their final destination.

History & Tradition

In 1982 the father of our founder, Carlos Guillén Carrera, is awarded by the FAO for having the best olive crop in the area and for the control of pests and diseases of the olive tree. This inspired our founder, Carlos Guillén Velásquez, to start an olive company with the highest quality standards.

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Guive begins

In 1996, began GUIVE, with the purpose of bringing the variety, quality and good taste of the Peruvian olive to the world. As the years went by, we gained experience and with them we obtained several certificates. We also began to modernize and acquire the latest machineries for our processes.

In 2013, we were one of the winners of the MYPE 2013 award, granted by the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Production. This achievement distinguishes good practices, innovation, employment generation, among others.

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HACCP by LSQA: Certifies the safe production of food, the quality and safety of our products and production processes.

Kosher: Guarantees that we follow Jewish dietary standards.

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Launch of our brand in Peru

In 2020 the GUIVE brand was launched with the aim of reaching the tables of Peruvians with a quality product and good taste.

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Our Purpose and Values

Bring variety, quality and good taste to each of our customers.

"To achieve this, the GUIVE family is based on 4 fundamental pillars:
• Honesty
• Quality
• Passion
• Responsibility"

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